Video Inspiration

I know it has been a LONG time since I have posted things here. I swore with the new year that I was going to be more active on the blog but, as most people know, work and family obligations come first. Anyway, I do not want to rant or try to make excuses because I do have a little free time this morning. With that free time, I came across a few slo-mo videos on Vimeo that really inspired me and thought I would share.


Stainless – Adam Magyar

Data In Data Out -  Dennis Hlynsky

Sound of Taste - Chris Cairns


Well, I suppose I should start out giving credit where credit is due and since this is where I am supposed to be sharing the tools I am using I better start with the site itself. is (in case you haven’t noticed) primarily a blog powered by WordPress. For those unfamiliar with this CMS, I highly recommend checking it out. One of my favorite things about WordPress is the themes that are available to help you customize the look and feel of your blog. This brings me to my “tool-of-the-post.” The theme featured here on


Aldehyde is available as a free download from, I found this theme perfectly suited for my needs here on and wanted to make sure I posted an “official” thank you for the theme.

Now, back to getting everything organized so I can get this thing off the ground by the new year.


My Toolbox

The longer I spend time in the studio the more I find that just about anything and everything can become a tool of creativity. Of course I have the normal things you would expect of any artist. Pencils, inks, brushes, etc. and I (like anyone else) have my favorites that I use more than others but I also plan on sharing other things I have found to help me in the creative process.

My Toolbox will become a featured category here at and I hope you enjoy some of the things I share and hope you feel free to drop suggestions on things to check out. If you do, make sure to get me as much info as you can so I can make sure you get some credit for the find.

Stay tuned. I will be getting this thing running real soon.