I’m not sure where it came from. Could have been a dream. Maybe it is this MysteryBuild project I’ve been working on. What caused it does not matter. The feeling I’ve got from it does. A feeling of rejuvenation. Of relaxation. And of the need to return to my first love of creativity. After several days of thinking it through I have discovered what it is.

It is time to redefine myself and rediscover my voice – artistically.

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Mystery Build 2014

How have I not heard of this until now? I cannot wait to get my kit and get started. Unfortunately, you will have to wait till at least October 20th to see what I come up with but I hope it will be worth the wait.

Summer Exercise: Found Typography

You see the every day but do you realize it? This week’s exercise is to find letters where there are none. For example:

Do you see a fence or the letter “E”?
Find as many letters as possible and take a picture of them.
I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Knowing When To Stop

I had been working on this ink drawing for a while. I was posting progress on my Instagram account as I went along but when I posted this last pic people started asking me about prints. So I decided that, instead of carrying this any further, I was going to call it finished. I still don’t know if I can actually sell prints of this or not but I will update this post once I find out. 

Pimp my Red Flyer

Here it is. The first Summer Exercise for the kids. Of course, I could not let them have all the fun so I am joining in too and will showcase all three results with the completion of each exercise.

This week we had to dream up our ultimate red wagon. No rules. Anything goes. Here are the results of “Pimp my Red Flyer”:

Keith's Red Flyer

Keith’s Red Flyer

Joshua's Red Flyer

Joshua’s Red Flyer

Update with Adam’s Flyer:

Adam's Red Flyer

Adam’s Red Flyer